The Taupo Lake has become a very popular vacation spot for people that are a fly fishing enthusiast. Our cabins are surrounded by nothing but pure nature it is a perfect place for relaxation for you and your whole family. Searching for the perfect holiday cabin can be confusing and a stressful job because there are a lot of different cabin rental companies you can choose from. To save you from any further stress and confusion we are here by offering our accommodation services. Our reputation speaks for itself, we don’t need to start convincing you why we are the best option because if you just ask some of our previous clients they will tell you that there is no one better.

Lake Taupo Accommodation

Of course, it is completely your decision who will you choose, we will be extremally happy if we were your choice because then we would have the opportunity to introduce you to the life in New Zealand and guide you through the whole place. Our cabins are considered to be on some of the best locations because they are extremally close to some fishing spots.We also offering a membership to the Lodge. If you want to make an annual subscription to one of our accommodation you can. It is done very simply by joining our Lodge membership that will last you for an entire year.

Self-Contained Cabins

We have available seven of these types of cabins. They have two bedrooms, en-suite, fully equipped kitchen and SKY. Parking spots are available right at your door. These cabins can hold up to 4 or 5 people depending on whether you have kids or no. Two of these cabins have bedrooms with double beds or queen-sized beds and a second bedroom with a single bed. Important information for anybody that wants to rent a cabin is that these cabins can accept only 2 adults, the other single bed is strictly for a child that is under the age of 12. We classify children from 0 to 11 and 12 & over as adults. Our online channels have the same provision.

All the children will be provided with a bed or a cat that will not be allowed for sharing because of health and safety reasons. These cabins come fully supplied with extra hand towels and regular ones. Every cabin has an undercover parking spot that is free. We recommend these types of cabins for fishermen that comes with his family.

Self-Contained Cabins

Tourist Cabins

These cabins can house from 1 up to 5 people. The smaller cabins are supplied with double beds and the bigger ones that we offer have 2 large double beds and a single overhead bunk with a Freeview TV. The kitchen and the bathroom in these cabins are fully equipped and they are ready for use. You can hire kitchen kits and the bed linen is supplied. This type is also good for people that are taking a family trip, but also it can be used for a single person that likes comfort.